Allez Allez Multisport Coaching
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Coaching Method

The Allez Allez Multisport Coaching Method:


To help you achieve your best performances at your key races by preparing you for the 
physical, mental, and nutritional challenges of triathlon racing through a fully customized training routine designed to fit around your schedule.

Factors that ensure success:
1.  Our elaborate (and ever-expanding) knowledge of training and sport nutrition principles will help ensure that you get the most "bang for the buck" from the time you spend training.

2.  The experience we’ve gained over years of competitive triathlon racing and top level sports will help you take years off your "learning curve".  

3.  The personalized, caring attention we give to each of the athletes we coach helps motivate them because they know that we'll hold them accountable for completing their workouts.

The Process:

We start with a detailed analysis of your goals, proposed racing schedule, strengths and 
weaknesses, your athletic background, the amount of time you generally have available for training, and a general understanding of your other life commitments (family, work, etc.).  We get most of this information through our questionnaire that will be asked to be completed after initial contact.

Using the information we gathered about you, we then create a "macrocycle" (or "big picture") plan that provides us with the framework and the general focus of each week throughout  your season so we can make sure your weekly plans are cycling you through periods of work  and rest, all working towards your goals.

Each week, we'll email you a training plan that will include all the 
details of every workout you'll need to do during the upcoming week.  I recommend printing out the plan and keeping it handy so you can check off each workout as you complete it.  

If you need to skip certain workouts due to personal, professional or health reason, we can review the current week plan and make adjustments on the fly. 

Towards the end of each week, you'll fill out my feedback form.  It usually only takes a few minutes to complete, yet the form provides us with all the necessary details to design your plan for the following week.  If you'd like to talk on the phone or Skype, just check the box on the form and we'll call you.  You can also call or email us anytime, of course.

To create your next plan, I take into account the following:

1.  Your macrocycle plan tells us what the focus of your workouts will be.

2.  The feedback form tells me how you handled the workouts from the past week and lets me know if I need to adjust your workouts to make them more challenging or easier.  

3.  The feedback form also includes information about your upcoming week, so we can work around any scheduling demands in your work or family schedule.

4.  The weather forecast will help me make sure your plan is realistic (i.e.: your long ride 
isn't scheduled on a day with 100% chance of thunderstorms).  

Sports Nutrition Methods:

Interested in the fueling approach of the future? Steven is a Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist, and certified Sports Nutrionist.

Through a periodic approach of diet adjustments we can train the body of burning more body fat at higher intensities as the main source of energy. 

Having your event and month of training ruined by fueling mistakes or GI distress will be a thing of the past. You will become a fat-adapted athlete.

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